Corporate Wellness

Welcome to Nutrition Center of Colorado. Whether you want to manage healthcare costs, decrease absenteeism or increase productivity, we offer workplace wellness programs that will help you empower your employees with life-changing nutrition information.

We offer a variety of wellness solutions to help your employees understand how appropriate nutrition and simple changes can increase energy, support metabolism, improve focus, balance moods, and create health and well-being. Our classes easily supplement an existing wellness program you have in place or can start your company on the path to employee wellness.

"Studies suggest that patients who are well-informed, educated about their condition and involved in their health care decisions not only have greater satisfaction of care, but also tend to have better outcomes and lower costs,” Ted James, M.D., medical director and vice chair at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center–Harvard Medical School.

NCC Workshops

Nutrition Center of Colorado provides interactive nutrition education services for small or large groups events. Topics range from biometric challenges, screenings, healthy eating challenges and more. Our resources and materials will help employees learn through virtual or in person workshops.


Employers can book a Wellness Day dedicated to individual nutrition assessments.


Participating employees receive a health screening, dietary analysis, resource handouts, and meal plans based on individualized, patient focused goals. 

Wellness events can be scheduled annually or quarterly.



Wellness Seminars

All of our presentations are educational in nature, intended to offer nutrition information in an enjoyable and approachable way.


Information provided in any presentation is from peer-reviewed, evidenced-based literature.

Topics range from weight management, to disease prevention, food allergy awareness, to nutrition optimization and more.


Custom presentations developed upon request.

Please call our facility or contact our healthcare providers directly to schedule an appointment or to learn more about Nutrition Center of Colorado, LLC.

Our response time is usually less than 24 hours.

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