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Counseling & Corporate Reviews

"NCC came to our work to run a lunch & learn. I have always had a difficult time with eating healthy, but after this event I feel like I have the knowledge and tools to a great start."

- From an event with: Jefferson County Court House

"NCC really helped me with creating real life, appropriate, and attainable goals with my weight loss. I have been able to see progress with some of her goals we set for myself. I will continue to use some of the platform we created and I look forward to my future progress."

- A.S

"The Dietitians at the Nutrition Center of Colorado are amazing! They really took the time to understand my unique situation and dietary restrictions and offer me a personalized meal plan. I felt very comfortable asking questions and they listened and made changes based on my preferences."

- M.M

"Christine is knowledgeable, personal, and amicable. She gives me the guidance and tools I need to put in the work, and I’ve never put this much trust or confidence in a healthcare professional. I saw her for the first time with debilitating stomach pain, bad eating habits, and what felt like a looooong way to go until I could feel even remotely healthy. Now, a few months later, I am living stomach-pain-FREE, I feel good about myself every day, and I’m seeing significant, lasting changes for the first time in my life. I highly recommend her to everyone."


Nutrition Center of Colorado was recommended to me by my doctor when I mentioned that I had gained a significant amount of weight after my back injury. I knew due to the injury I was not able to do HIIT workouts and cardio like before. So I made the decision to change my eating habits in way that is sustainable and would allow me to lose weight at a healthy pace.

Christine understood my goals and sympathized with my current struggles. She tailored each goal to my needs and modified them each week accordingly. She is an effective listener. Christine never ceases to amaze me with her great suggestions when you may encounter struggles. Not everyone is willing to invest themselves and celebrate their client’s goals like Christine. Her professionalism and kind attitude can win anyone over.

I have shared the success I have achieved in my journey to become healthier and losing the extra weight with many friends and loved one’s and I hope this review can reach even more people that may struggle with forming healthy eating habits. Make no mistake you put in the work, but Christine provides you with many tools that you can keep in your toolbox for a lifetime.

If numbers lure you more than words than know that thanks to the help and guidance I received and continue to receive I lost 16lbs, 10% of body fat.



- A.J.S

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